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Expert window installation is guaranteed. Once your order has been checked into the warehouse and inspected the installation department will call to schedule your installation appointment.

When they schedule the appointment they’ll confirm the arrival time. Typically the crew will arrive at the warehouse first thing. There they’ll meet with the window installation manager, load up your windows and head out to their first appointment.

Once they arrive they’ll be able to confirm the plan with you. If you need them to start in one area or work in a certain way to help corral your dogs you’ll want to talk about the plan to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Expert window installation in Philadelphia, PA is part of the process.  Every window is measured, custom made and installed.
3-lite casement windows in 1/4, 1/2, 1/4 configuration in lower center left

Typically the crews are made up of two to four installers and they’ll work together to be as efficient as possible. The process can be interesting to watch, just be sure to give them enough space to work safely.

They’ll usually be able to install one window as soon as the old window is removed so your house isn’t open to the elements for any longer than needed. Sometimes people think they’re going to remove all of the old windows leaving your house exposed, but that’s not how it works. One window comes out, a new window goes in and they move right along.

The installers really knew what they were doing. There was an issue that they didn’t expect and they were able to take care of it right away with no trouble at all.

Melinda and Daniel – Philadelphia, PA

How long does window installation take?

It can be challenging to predict the exact work time. It’s common for an installation team to replace 10-20 windows in a work day, but that’s not set in stone. Sometimes things go faster than expected and sometimes they go slower. If your project is not completed in one day everything will be left secure and weather tight overnight. The project will always be completed as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Once the windows are installed it’s recommended that you walk the project with the installer to make sure everything looks great. If anything still needs attention they’ll either fix it up on the spot or make note on the completion. You can learn more about the process for service calls and warranty support here.

Who measures windows for Window Universe?

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